A star active ingredient

Did you know that Lyon, our home town, is the world capital of the Rose? Since the end of the 19th century, the Lyon basin has produced half of French roses. But let’s get back to basics. The queen of flowers has been used since the Middle Ages in cosmetic remedies for its delicate fragrance, as well as its hydrating,soothing, purifying, antioxidant and toning properties…and the list goes on. At Aïam Maïa, we use it in each of our formulas in the form of hydrosol especially, as well as in the form of essential oil and Rose petal extract.

Along with it, we have selected ingredients such as Ginseng Root for its powerful effects against digital pollution, ultra-refreshing Aloe Vera, drainage-promoting Caffeine (a shot of energy that revives the skin tone in the morning), and Cedar Bud for its regenerative properties. This is why – surprise! – our formulas don’t (only) smell like roses!

And, we believe that the Rose has only just begun to reveal its secrets…

A unique R&D platform in France

Because we give 1000% in everything we do, we have developed an exclusive breakthrough scientific program which focuses on the Rose. It is through pairing cutting-edge research and formulation know-how that we can produce high-quality cosmetics that truly work.

The following experts have joined us on this major project: Mohammed Bendahmane, ENS and CNRS research director, and a world-renowned expert (and responsible for uncoding the rose genome in 2018), and Gilles Comte, University Professor and expert in Pharmacognosy and Phytology.

Our Rosa Dermo Therapy© is structured around three main areas:

Fundamental Research (molecular, cellular and genomic analysis of the Rose), which is unpredictable in terms of the results it will yield, will promote the emergence of totally new concepts, which will serve as catalysts for progress and innovation for this species.

Continuous development to enable the detection of cosmetic properties of the active ingredients found in the rose, to study their most intimate interactions with the skin and to develop innovative formulas adapted to consumers’ expectations.

Regulatory and quality monitoring, optimizing the effects of ingredients, their safety and their effectiveness, in line with consumer requirements and the regulations in force.

Innovate, perform, achieve excellence: this is the heart of our approach, and everything that we undertake.

A phenomenon

Geneticists now demonstrate that the rose is indeed a marvel within the world of flowers: Its extraordinary number of petals is the result of an unexpected mutation. It owes its powerful fragrance to a unique enzyme.

Its uninterrupted blooming period lasts from spring to autumn.

Its thorns, without which the rose would no longer be the emblem of love, are associated with a gene.